Fantastic events on Halloween and Bonfire night season!

WrestleForce very daringly put on shows on Halloween night itself and the Friday and Saturday after Nov 5th as part of the latest cluster of events.

We are very proud to say that we had a string of successful and very well recieved shows culminating on Nov 7th with our debut show in Rayleigh!

Despite the fireworks going on just next door in the park, we packed the hall out and showed the people of Rayleigh that the real fireworks were happening right in the middle of the ring!

And its not over yet! The November tour continues as WrestleForce plan to entertain the people of Dagenham, Basingstoke, Laindon and Watford in the coming weeks!

Nina Samuels has taken the wrestling world by storm and had an incredibly impressive 2015. But one person she hasn't managed to conquer is The Amazon!

The Amazon has held a vice like grip on the women's championship since winning it from Erin Angel one year ago in Harlow. No competitor has managed to topple her yet.

But on February 12th Nina Samuels will challenge for the title once again, this time in her home town!

Its conceivable that Nina's family and friends cheering her on will spur the hometown girl on to finally defeat her formidable rival and win the Women's Championship!

However its just as possible that The Amazon will once again lay waste to the gusty challenger, like she has done so often to anyone who dares to challenge her.

Its too tough to call, but what is for certain is that this will be an incredible match!

Written 7-01-16

Witham, September 13th 2015

Recap video from our show last Sunday in Witham!Come and see the big Championship rematch September 20th in Milton Keynes!

Posted by WrestleForce on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It was a night to remember September 13th at the Witham Public Hall!

Before the opening contest, Richard Parliement pledged his manifesto. We can't say if he'll one day be Prime Minister, but we can say that he was unsuccessful on this night against the ever impressive Josh Faulkner!

'The Amazon' Ayesha Rae defended her women's championship against Nightshade. But Nightshade put up a valiant effort. It'll be interesting to see what the outcome will be in their highly anticipated rematch in Milton Keynes, Nightshade's hometown!

Oliver Peace and 'Lightning' Lewis Howley had a friendly competitive outing. Though it turned  nasty midway through when Lewis ruthlessly targeted Oliver's knee! Peace fought through the pain and managed to hit an RKO, or a... err, PCO. Lewis showed good sportsmanship after the bout.

The mysterious and frightening Voodoo battled the jungle sensation, Lion Kid, in a thrilling match which saw Lion Kid leaping around the ring! In the end Voodoo was able to catch the cat and hit a deadly chokeslam for the win!

In the main event Paul McSherry battled International Champion: The Zulu Warrior for the title! In his 1 year as champion The Zulu Warrior has never been thrown around and beaten as severely as we saw on this night! But The Zulu hung in there and made a valiant comeback and even busted out a dive and cross body off the top rope! It paid off in the end as he hit his Zulu splash!

Despite the brutal war he'd been through, The Zulu Warrior celebrated with the fans after the match to end the afternoon on a high note!

We thank the people of Witham for coming out and supporting us and look forward to returning on December 28th for our Christmas spectacular!

Amazing night of action in Witham

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The Magnums meet Little Legs after their WF Tag Title win!

Huge Women's Championship match signed for Fleet!