Fantastic events on Halloween and Bonfire night season!

WrestleForce very daringly put on shows on Halloween night itself and the Friday and Saturday after Nov 5th as part of the latest cluster of events.

We are very proud to say that we had a string of successful and very well recieved shows culminating on Nov 7th with our debut show in Rayleigh!

Despite the fireworks going on just next door in the park, we packed the hall out and showed the people of Rayleigh that the real fireworks were happening right in the middle of the ring!

And its not over yet! The November tour continues as WrestleForce plan to entertain the people of Dagenham, Basingstoke, Laindon and Watford in the coming weeks!

Results for Fleet now up!

WrestleForce returns to Witham May 7th!

It was a fantastic 1st show in Fleet! Check out the full results, pictures and videos!

WrestleForce return to the Witham Public Hall for another fantastic evening of entertainment for the whole family.

And making his long awaited return to WrestleForce, Maltings Academy teacher and Essex Legend: Paul Tyrrell!

That's right, just half a mile down the road from Witham Public Hall is the school that Paul Tyrrell works at as an award winning science teacher!

On this evening Paul Tyrrell will take on Richard Paraliament, a man who has branded all teachers as being 'terrible civil servants.' With all the pupils and staff in attendance, Paul Tyrrell will no doubt want to teach Richard Parliament a lesson!

Plus an over the top rope Battle Royal to determine a number one contender to the WrestleForce International Championship at a later date!

Don't miss this incredible showdown!

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The Magnums meet Little Legs after their WF Tag Title win!